John Deere's Augusta factory manufactures 1 millionth tractor

1/12/2015 2:13:25 PM by

As big fans of both Made in America manufacturing and John Deere, we were excited to learn that the company's Augusta factory in Groveland, Georgia, recently reached a big milestone. A 5100M was the 1 millionth tractor to be manufactured at the facility. It was put on display at the local fairgrounds as part of a commemorative exhibit.

"Producing one million tractors is a significant milestone for John Deere and for the whole Augusta team," factory manager Mary Pat Tubb told John Deere's MachineFinder website. "We are proud of the legacy we've built as a company, and of the goal we've had here in Augusta since we started: To design and build tractors for our customers that deliver the quality and value they've come to expect from John Deere."

The factory opened its doors in 1990, and rolled out its first machine, a 55 series model, a year later. Today it manufactures dozens of models of utility tractors and compact utility tractors, employing 470 American workers. The facility is 400,000 square feet and occupies 175 acres of land.

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The John Deere factory near Augusta, Georgia, recently produced its 1 millionth tractor. Photo courtesy Flickr user Charles & Hudson