Buying Used

1/13/2016 9:55:24 AM by Christie Collins

It's time to buy a new piece of equipment, new to you that is. Used machinery can be just as good as a brand new machine. Once you've gotten some advice and recommendations from neighbors, family and friends, here are a few things you want to look at on the equipment you are interested in buying.

  • Body and tires - If the body looks good you know it was pretty well taken care of, if it's dented up, paint peeling or cracked it may have not been stored properly or possibly a contestant in a tractor pull. Use your smartphone to look up information on the tires, like what the tread depth should be. You don't want to have to go out and buy brand new tires right away.
  • Engine Compartment - Just like you would do on an automobile, lift the hood, start it up. Check the engine, hoses and hydraulics for any leaks and cracks. It may not be a hot rod but it's just as important as one.
  • Cab - Get inside and check the cab for wear and tear. Make sure there isn't a lot of dirt build up. You can tell a lot by the wear of the steering wheel, seat and pedals. Just because the equipment has a lot of hours doesn't mean it's not in good running condition. If the equipment comes with software make sure it's working correctly. This can be another costly repair if electrical components and software is on the fritz.
  • Maintenance log - If possible, get any logs of maintenance, inspections and work done on the equipment. Nowadays sellers are encouraged to have documents available in order to help a sale go faster and easier. If you are buying the equipment from an auctioneer ask them if they have the documentation for the specific equipment you're looking to buy.

New or used it's always good to do your homework on any machinery you are interested in buying. There almost needs to be more research into used equipment since it's been around the field more. Any additional tips or advice you have to add? Leave a comment on our social media post.