A Drone May Be Your Next Equipment Purchase

1/19/2016 9:10:28 AM by Christie Collins

Drones are all over the news. They are for sure the newest and most promising piece of technology to come to us so quickly. What started out as just a neat new toy to play with has rapidly changed the face of how work will be completed. Construction companies have quickly integrated drones into a way of doing business. At the end of 2015 over 2,500 companies had been given permission by the FAA to use drones in their operations. Next up, Agriculture. Drones are quickly becoming an addition to many farms. The uses for drones are being expanded everyday, from crop scouting to aerial photos. We've heard about Amazon using drones to make deliveries but they are not the only company to be using this new technology for that purpose. There are businesses popping up that offer drone for hire services, so if you aren't sure you're ready to invest financially or have to go through the trouble of getting registered and licensed you can just use one of these companies to come out and do the work you need.

It shouldn't to be too long before drones are used to deliver small parts for tractors and other heavy equipment. It could be cheaper to have a drone fly the part over in a day or two instead of paying the extra cost to have it shipped express or waiting a week or two for it to arrive.

In case you were wondering about the guidelines for having a drone and using it for construction or agricultural purposes. The rules according to the FAA for operating a drone safely are:

  • The drone must weigh 55 pounds or less
  • Must be flown at speeds less than 100 mph
  • Operator must ensure the drone stays within his/her visual line of sight (VLOS) A first-person camera cannot satisfy the VLOS requirement, but can be used as long as requirement is satisfied in other ways
  • Cannot be flown above 500 feet
  • Drone can only be flown when weather affords at least 3 miles visibility

There's even an upcoming Midwest Drone Conference and Expo. I think it's safe to say this is a new and fast evolving piece of technology that will be worth investing in and at the very least looking into for your farm or construction site.