Tip For Used Equipment Sellers: Storytelling

1/24/2018 4:08:51 PM by Carissa Shaul

Tip For Used Equipment Sellers: Storytelling

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There are a LOT of used tractors and used tractor parts for sale.

So if you are a dealer or farmer with equipment for sale, how can you make it stand out from the crowd?

Personalize it.

Specifically, use video as a tool to help do this. We all know that sale prices on farm retirement and estate auctions where everyone locally knows, loves and respects the seller are higher. When you "know" the seller and how he operated his farm, how he used his equipment, how he cared for his iron, those powerful truths translate into stronger bidding and higher prices.

For example, when selling your equipment make a short Youtube video personalizing and storytelling about why you’ve always kept the plastic on the seats of all your combines and tractors. Why you never squashed a mosquito in the cab. Why giving your combine the utmost of care has always been so important.

This is how you make used equipment stand out and frankly, be worth more money. Personalize it. Video the owner talking about it. Video it in action on the farm. Most equipment sellers today if they do video at all simply start up the tractor or combine and maybe show it rolling a few feet forward and back. That's not enough. Buyers deserve more. Fill in the blanks. Show it on the farm. Show video of the owners talking about it. Tell it’s story.

Consider using just your cellphone to shoot video of you planting in the spring, video of harvesting in the fall. Your equipment in action, on your farm. Then keep those video clips for future use. When it's time to trade in or sell your parts on have video of your equipment in action on your website. This will help bolster the equipment listing and help it to sell easier and for more money. Mention you have video of it in your advertising. Show it to interested buyers. Include a video clip of you standing by the machine talking simply about it. If it has an oil leak, just say it has an oil leak. Honesty resonates.