4 ways to maintain your tractor in the winter: Part Two

1/27/2016 8:26:50 AM by

If you plan on using your tractor this winter, make sure to maintain it properly. In part one, we advised you to use the right oil and keep the tractor dry. Here are two more tips:

1. Protect the tractor

Don't leave your tractor exposed to harsh, winter conditions. While it may be made of metal, the vehicle can rust, leaving wires and other vital engine parts vulnerable. If your tractor has plastic covers, they can sweat, so let these areas breathe instead. Covering your tractor or placing it in a shed, garage or barn is the best way to protect it from the elements.

2. Check the antifreeze

Antifreeze helps prevent your tractor's engine from overheating, freezing and corroding. Before winter hits, make sure that the vehicle's antifreeze is up to the necessary rate by checking it with an antifreeze tester. You can pick these up at any auto-parts store. To use these tools, adhere to the following:

  1. Remove the radiator cap
  2. Insert the tube a few inches into the antifreeze
  3. Squeeze and release the bulb
  4. Observe how many of the device's little balls float in the mixture.

The more balls that float, the lower the mixture's freezing point. You can compare this number to a chart, which often comes with the tester, to check what temperature your engine is protected to.

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