6 signs you need to replace your tractor's spark plugs

1/28/2016 9:16:40 AM by

As your tractor ages, similar to any vehicle, it may become more difficult to start, leading you to replace broken or damaged parts. One set of parts you'll have to replace after many hours are the tractor's spark plugs.

There are plenty of ways to tell whether the spark plugs are the likely cause of engine disruption. As calcium deposit builds up around the plugs and the gap between the plug and the piston increases, the engine may not start, causing jerking or misfiring instead. It will also produce a lot of black exhaust and may even be difficult to start during the colder seasons.

Spark plugs are one of the most important components of an engine. The plugs are how the engine creates both power and exhaust. However, over time, your tractor's spark plugs wear down. Here are six tractor problems that indicate it may be time to replace the plugs:

1. The engine idles rough

As spark plugs age, gunk and debris begin to build up around them. The gap between the spark plug and piston also increases, causing combustion to become erratic, jerky and ineffective.

2.Tractor doesn't start in the morning

While most mechanics will first check the choke, if the vehicle has a carburetor, they may also check the spark plugs. You'll notice that you have to crank the starter numerous times when the spark plugs are wearing down.

3. Engine misfires

All of that black smoke spewing out of your engine...Yeah, that's not supposed to happen. That smoke jettisons from the exhaust pipe because of carbon deposits that have built up on the spark plugs. Not only will this cause poor engine performance, it's very unhealthy for you and the environment.

4. Engine surges or hesitates

Your engine should work smoothly. There should be no hiccups such as engine surges, hesitations or complete failures. However, this is exactly what happens when the spark plugs begin to wear out. While this is particularly dangerous when driving a car in traffic, it can also be dangerous when working the field. If you're spreading pesticides, herbicides, food or seed and the engine fails, you could accidentally drop too much in one area, thus ruining the stock.

5. High fuel consumption

Properly working engines will only use the necessary amount of gas. Worn out spark plugs can increase fuel consumption by nearly 30 percent. If you feel like you're consistently filling up your tank and notice the engine running poorly check the spark plugs

6. Poor acceleration

Remember how fast your tractor used to be when you first purchased it. You could ride through your fields in a jiffy, but now, it rides sluggishly. The reason for your tractor's poor performance could be due to deteriorating spark plugs.

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