2/28/2018 9:41:31 AM by Carissa Shaul

Caterpillar’s K2 bulldozers feature a myriad of standard and optional features designed to increase performance and productivity in utility and grading applications. This includes Automatic Traction-Control, Slope-Indicate, and available Slope-Assist, as well as some of the premium features of the K2 predecessors, such as a hydrostatic drive, Stable Blade and Power Pitch systems, Eco Mode, and an improved operator station.

“These features make this machine great for building slopes and terraces on farms for water control,” says Joel Fritts, Caterpillar. “The technology allows you to get more work done with less passes.”

Grading controls

Automatic Traction Control helps to reduce track slippage when the machine undergoes maximum load conditions. This feature, which doesn’t require operator interaction like the previous system did, automatically adjusts machine operating parameters to keep the machine moving steadily. Overall this provides consistent grades, reduces operator fatigue, and improves the undercarriage life.

Standard Slope Indicate and available Slope Assist also making grading more efficient. Slope Indicate displays the machine’s blade cross-slope and main-fall direction in a monitor in the cab. Slope Assist automatically maintains pre-established blade angles, which provides more consistent grades. This system is part of the Cat AccuGrade Ready attachment, which is about a $6,500 add-on.

The operator-selected Stable Blade feature complements the operator’s blade-control input, resulting in finer control and more consistent grades. In addition, Power Pitch allows you to adjust the blade pitch on the go hydraulically. Power Pitch can boost productivity by up to 6%.

Eco Mode on the K2 series reduces engine speed in less demanding conditions, improving fuel economy by up to 20%. Once set, Eco Mode controls engine speed at optimum levels, delivering maximum power and speed when needed.

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