John Deere expands the functionality of its Machine Sync application

3/3/2015 10:00:45 AM by

John Deere's Machine Sync application will now have expanded functionality, in addition to its combine-grain cart harvest automation and logistics. This year, the company has announced that it will add coverage map sharing and guidance line sharing. These features can be particularly helpful during seeding and spraying operations, as well as when applying nutrients and during harvest, Farmers Hot Line says.

As the source explains, these new features make it easier for two machines to operate in the same field, and at the same time, allow each operator to have real-time access to coverage maps and guidance lines that improve their overall efficiency.

"We've taken John Deere Machine Sync to the next level in multi-machine automation and operational logistics," says J.C. Funke with John Deere Intelligent Solutions Group. "These enhancements to John Deere Machine Sync will be popular with producers and service providers performing coverage-specific and time-sensitive operations like spraying and seeding in large fields."

Speaking of the new Machine Sync, Funke says it allows machine operators to share coverage maps during the process of seeding, spraying or applying fertilizer.

Moreover, section control can be activated or turned off based on another machine's coverage map, Funke says. The result is faster field operations, fewer skips and overlaps and overall improved efficiency when at least two machines are working in the same field.

John Deere has also added another feature to its Machine Sync application: sharing guidance lines. As the source explains, this feature is especially useful in situations whereat least two vehicles are working in the same field and must use AutoTrac™ for the same guidance lines.

In addition, the company has made enhancements to its GreenStar™ 3 2630 Display. The recent enhancements are available to all GreenStar 3 2630 Display customers who have the new 15-1 software update.

Farmers Hotline explains that the software update offers a" 20 percent improvement in processing speed when using processor-intensive applications and AB Curve shift track that now provides the ability to shift AB Curves radially right or left without line overlap."

John Deere has made other 2630 Display enhancements, including ISOBUS Task Control functionality, which provides section control of ISO implements when used together with John Deere Section Control applications. It also represents an improvement in terms of the ability to import larger prescription shapefiles into the 2630 Display than what previously was possible.

Funke says that these new improvements signal John Deere's efforts to provide customers with the most cutting-edge technology:

"The improvements and expanded functionality to Machine Sync and the 2630 Displays are part of our ongoing efforts to provide customers with the latest in precision technology, data management and automation across more field operations."

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The new improvements will help multiple machines operating in the same field.