Daylight Saving Time

3/11/2016 9:01:18 AM by Christie Collins

Daylight Saving Time

As we prepare for Daylight Saving Time this Sunday, why does it cause so much uproar? Most of us like to think it does not bother us in the least but come Monday morning will you be jumping out of bed, in a slight panic, wondering what time it is? Did you over sleep? Did you wake too early? Did you remember to change ALL your clocks? There will be those moments of, "What the heck time is it".

Is it really hard to adjust to the time change?

According to WebMD, it sure is. We will be losing an hour of sleep next week, so depending on your sleep habits it could take a few weeks to adjust. It is not just losing an hour of sleep, it is our bodies internal clock adjusting to driving to work in the morning in the dark or trying to go to sleep in the evening while the sun is still out.

It affects the cows!

One argument farmers had against implementing Daylight Saving Time was that it threw off the schedule of the dairy cows. Apparently cows are fussier than people when losing an hour. Cows rely on the schedule of people and become reliant on regular feeding and milking times. Overall, it may affect the cows' daily routine.

More sunlight, longer workday.

This is a myth that has been credited to farmers wanting more sunlight for longer workdays. Again, it was farmers that petitioned against Daylight Saving around the start of World War I. Farmers did not work by the time set on a clock but by the rise and setting of the sun.

There is still debate over why and who decided Daylight Saving Time was implemented, but one thing is for sure, it is not going away anytime soon so we will just have to continue complaining about it until the decades old argument is solved, "Is it necessary"?