What you get with Caterpillar 336E L excavator

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Operators who reviewed the equipment agree: The Caterpillar 336E L excavator performed well in several key categories, all critical to their business's needs. Wayne Grayson of Equipment Worldreports more extensively on what the reviewers had to say.

Chris Cunningham is no newcomer to the industry, as the 26-year-old operator has been running excavators since he was 16. For the past several years, he has worked for Garnto Southern of Evans, Georgia, an underground utility contractor.

Remarking on the Caterpillar 336E L, Carpenter said it's "the perfect all-around machine for what we do," emphasizing that its manageable size is a definite help, "I can not only lift a structure that's 20,000 pounds but also put it on the other side of the road."

Cat's 336E L is also no slouch when it comes to speed. "It's fast," Carpenter says, "The 336 is Cat's bread-and-butter in my opinion."

In light of its size, the power Cat's 336E L provides is all the more impressive. Like Carpenter, Howard Chaney of Hunter Construction Group in Moorseville, North Carolina, says this feature has been helpful:

"It's a bigger machine with more power that I don't need a super load permit for."

Here is how Equipment World's reviewers scored Cat's 336E L in some important categories:

Serviceability: 9.1

Overall the 336E L received high marks for serviceability, but there were some issues with the machine's process of radiator clean out and how easy it was to get to key access points.

Performance: 8.9

In terms of meeting expectations, the 336E L performed well, especially with its swing speed/torque, bucket breakout force and dump height and reach, all of which received scores of 9.3. There were some areas of relative concern, however, with lift over side, fuel efficiency and nighttime lighting.

One reviewer spoke to the problems with nighttime lighting, saying:

"The machine is equipped with a back-up camera, but no light on the counter weight to see at night making all jobs with laborers on the ground very dangerous."

Operator features: 8.8

"When it comes to making the operator comfortable and productive, our reviewers gave the 336E L high praise," Equipment World writes. Yet, rear and side visibility were concerns for some operators and brought the score down somewhat.

Just as nighttime lighting posed problems for one operator, visibility was another issue the reviewers pointed out and indicated they wanted to see improvement.

"Operator visibility is very important. I think the blind spots need to be reduced to at least the previous generation 40-ton models. Line of sight is safer than a back up monitor."

Cunningham, however, praised the machine for its high level of operator comfort:

"The cab on the Es, compared to the Ds , is 100 percent better. The seat is 100 percent better, they've done something different with the air conditioning and it's better. The comfort of the whole cab is better," he said.

Dealer Service: 9.7

Dealer service is where the Caterpillar 336E L really shined, scoring a 9.7 in every metric of this category. "Uptime and parts availability make Cat the only choice I would make," said one reviewer.

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You get a lot with Caterpillar's excavator.