I Remember When....

3/23/2016 8:33:05 AM by Christie Collins

I Remember When....

Ah, the good ol' days. It seems to mean a lot more now when people say it, especially with how quickly technology moves along these days. It doesn't feel that long ago we had answering machines sitting next to our phones and huge desktop computers that ran super slow. How did we survive leaving the house not talking to anyone on the phone until we got back home, possibly hours later? How did we get by without looking to our smartphone to access the internet? If we had to give up the technology that we have now and go back just ten years, could you do it? Would you even want to? Here are a few technological advances in the farming industry that have occurred and the differences it has made.


Through technology we can now take better care of livestock. To lose farm animals to disease or predators was a tremendous financial loss to a small farm. Farm animals can be protected from extreme weather now through improved housing. The health and nutrition for farm animals is also easier to manage. With selective breeding and antibiotics, farm animals are now healthier as well as a better quality of animal.


From the development of hybridized seeds to crop rotation, farms can now thrive even in the harshest weather. Considering a drought could wipe out an entire farm in the past, now with hybrid seeds, crops are able to withstand droughts, and even some insects due to the technology advancement in farming food. The use of drones can quickly let us know if there are irrigation problems, insect or fungal attacks.


Before mechanized equipment farmers had to rely on farm hands and horses. This made for slow work, with less work getting done in a day, compared to today. Horses were slower but could also tire quicker and were susceptible to injuries. With restrictions on speed and availability of unwearied labor, farms were typically smaller so that it could be managed without loss.

With the world population on track to hit over 9 billion by 2050, I don't think we can afford to go back even just ten years to the good ol' days. Imagine what will be accomplished in just ten more years. What technological advances have seemingly made your life easier on the farm? How about searching for tractor parts?