What to and not to do when operating and maintaining your tractor

3/25/2016 10:25:22 AM by Tractor-Part

Running a farm is not easy. In addition to the actual farming of crops, keeping equipment, as well as the land in top shape is essential. Here are some dos and don'ts of tractor maintenance.


1. Immediately clean up spills: Spills can be hazardous to you and your employee's health. Always makes sure they're cleaned up immediately.

2. Maintain the tractor during the winter: Never leave your tractor exposed to harsh winter conditions. Always prepare it for the winter by checking the antifreeze, topping off the fuel tank and storing it away in a protected place.

3. Organize your workshop: Always keep your workshop well organized so you can easily find tools in case of tractor repairs.


1. Get lazy with repairs: When repairing your tractor, make sure you purchase repair parts from a reputable, online web portal. If you're not sure what parts you need, talk to a qualified mechanic or call the manufacturer.

2. Not identifying problems quickly: If your tractor isn't running correctly, there could be an issue with the engine or spark plugs. It may also be wet from not being stored properly during the winter. If it's shaking or stalling, don't ignore this warning sign.

3. Use it incorrectly: If your tractor isn't made for winter weather, don't use it during the snowy, cold months. Tractors are often made for specific reasons, so don't use them for jobs they're not designed for.

Extreme storms happen at any time of the year. Always have a backup plan in case your farm is flooded or damaged by storms.

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