4 ways to get your tractor ready for spring

3/31/2016 8:43:50 AM by Tractor-Part

Spring is here, which means you need to get your tractor ready. In previous posts, we suggested ways to maintain your tractor during the winter. Some of those included using the right oil, keeping the tractor dry, protecting the tractor from harsh conditions and checking the antifreeze. As we head into spring, these suggestions actually carry over to the warmer months.

It's extremely important to always use the right oil and check it consistently. During the winter, tractors should use different oil than they use in the spring. You should always keep the tractor dry, especially as the snow thaws. Not doing so could cause the tractor to ride rougher than normal. Always remember to protect the tractor from the environment to prevent rust and damage to exposed wires and vital parts. And finally, make sure the tractor has enough antifreeze to prevent the engine from overheating, freezing and corroding when you begin working again.

Here are a few more pieces of advice:

1. Check the spark plugs

Before you start working this spring, you should check your spark plugs. Plugs don't last forever. Deposits can form around the plug, causing pre-ignition of the fuel. Worn down spark plugs cause the engine to idle rough, and that's if the engine starts at all. You'll often notice that you have to crank the starter numerous times when the spark plugs begin to wear down.

2. Battery

The battery has been sitting there all winter. Consider using a battery charge maintainer prior to use. This will bring the battery to a full charge.

1. Clean it

If you left your tractor outside during the winter, debris, mud or other objects may have become lodged into vital areas of the tractor. If left in the tractor, this debris can damage parts. Give the tractor a good wash and rinse, and then dry it to prevent rust. If you notice any rust, make sure to remove it.

2. Check the tire pressure

Tire pressure changes with the seasons, so you should check it before you begin using the tractor in the spring. Not doing so can cause flat spots to develop or the tire to wear down quickly.

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