Small Equipment, Big Jobs

4/25/2016 9:53:54 AM by Christie Collins

The compact construction equipment market is on the rise. Equipment like track loaders, skid steers, compact wheel loaders and compact excavators are at the top of the list as the best selling and fastest growing in the construction equipment market. New technology involving attachments like levelers, trenchers and soil conditioning tools make these machines more practical and often an obvious choice with a smaller investment.

If you haven't already discovered the benefits of investing in compact equipment, here are some of the advantages.

 Small size - Being compact means fitting through narrower work areas, less storage space and smaller trucks or trailers are needed when it is necessary to transport.

 Affordability - The overall cost of fuel is lower due to their smaller engine displacement.

 Undercarriage - Maintenance cost on tracks or tires are less.

 Accuracy - Smaller machinery means you are visually closer to the work you are performing, which means better line of sight to get the task done accurately.

 More for less - Compact equipment can do much of the same work as their larger equipment counterparts, but at a fraction of the ownership cost.

 Improved Productivity - Due to the smaller and lighter weight, less damage is caused to soil and they can maneuver easier in mud and soft dirt.

 Versatility - The ability to easily change out attachments will save you time and money. Attachments can also be rented on an as needed basis.

Now that compact equipment is being provided with GPS, air-conditioning and suspension seats, it is making the choice between larger and smaller equipment a little more difficult.

Do you have plans to purchase compact equipment instead of larger more expensive machines, or have you already done so? Please be sure to let us know your thoughts, insights or advice.