3D Isn’t Just For Movies

4/28/2016 9:01:26 AM by Christie Collins

I watched a video the other day of a man who designed and constructed a small concrete castle in his front yard using a 3-D printer. This technology has risen so quickly that it is fast approaching affordability among small companies and individuals. To this point I had only seen small parts being made out of plastic on a 3-D printer, but the items are getting larger and reaching all industries. It is only a matter of time farms will have their own 3-D printers to design parts, tools and who knows what else!

Here are a few items that can be printed:

 Combine attachments

 Gears

 Gauges

 Chains

 Switches

 And the list goes on……

There are even ideas and plans for printing food and crops! In the Netherlands, a Dutch scientist is working on trying to print cheese. Yes, cheese. I’m not sure this idea has been widely accepted quite yet. If you are a sci-fi fan you may have been waiting for this since the days of the original Star Trek series.

At this point it is the machine manufacturers that print parts and tools. The farming industry is waiting on software that is open source so anyone can download and use it. Are you on the cutting edge of technology and already have a 3-D printer?