3 daily tractor maintenance tasks

5/6/2015 9:11:55 AM by

When you work with farm equipment, such as tractors, it is important that you do everything possible to keep the tools in the best possible shape. This means performing certain maintenance tasks each day, as you want to keep your equipment running without needing expensive repairs or upgrades.

The best way you can avoid that situation is by taking a look at your tractor every single day. While this might seem to run on the overcautious side, the truth is that you will be much more likely to spot an issue and have it fixed before it presents a real danger.

Here are a few daily tractor care tips:

  • Check the fan's drive belt: The drive belt is one of the most essential pieces of the tractor, so you will want to make sure that there are no visible signs of wear or tear. If you do notice that the drive belt is looking weak, you should replace it to avoid having the tractor break down while it is being used.
  • Inspect the tire pressure: Of course, no tractor will be able to run well if the tires are deflated. Be sure to check the tire pressure before you start off each morning, as flat tires will make it very difficult for the tractor to move on your land efficiently.
  • Top off the fuel tank: Having a fresh supply of fuel in the tank will help ensure that you don't run low while out on your farm during the day.

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