5 tips for ensuring optimal tractor maintenance

5/15/2015 9:06:03 AM by

When it comes to farm equipment, regular maintenance is important. MachineFinder blogemphasizes that, if the equipment is cared for properly, it will last longer. "For many farmers, keeping a tractor or plow in good shape is just as important as a good harvest. But, in order to get the best use out of your agriculture equipment, it's crucial to take the proper steps to maintain and clean all farming equipment on a regular basis."

Here are five tips for keeping your tractor in the best shape possible:

  • Keep your equipment in a safe place: While there are some tasks that can be completed on an annual or biannual basis, there are many other important duties that should be completed daily. Among these tasks are keeping your equipment in a safe place, preferably in an area where it will be safe from severe weather. In addition, be sure to closely monitor the temperature on your engine while it's in use to make sure it's not overheating.
  • Create a daily checklist: Make sure to compile a list of the critical cleaning and maintenance tasks. MachineFinder writes that, "This checklist should be performed daily and include such procedures as checking tire inflation of tractors, counting all tools and returning them to their designated space, checking coolant and oil, and ensuring no belts have come loose."
  • Service records: In addition to maintaining your tractor carefully, it is important that you keep careful records of the procedures completed. On this point, MachineFinder says, "Whenever your farm machinery needs professional servicing, either for repairs or just a standard checkup, make sure you keep detailed records of what procedure was done and who did it. That way you can reference these documents in the future should the equipment need further servicing or should you plan to sell it."
  • Changing seasons: Seasonal change is another factor that needs to be taken into account. Perhaps, most importantly, now during the spring, it is important that you give your tractor enough time to adjust to the new weather. The cold winter months, during which your equipment is not in use, mean that your machine will be slower to start again come spring. "While it's waking up from its winter hibernation, check the tires, steering gear, clutch and brakes, electrical system, transmission, and hydraulics," MachineFinder writes.
  • Treat your tractor as a prized possession: As a tractor performs a vital function for any farmer, it is important to treat it carefully, like a fancy car or another prized possession. On this point, MachineFinder Blog writes, "Most Ferrari owners aren't going to take their "baby" through a local car wash; they are going to take the time to carefully clean the car to ensure the best and most intricate care is being given. The same should be true for your shiny green and yellow tractor."

By following these five maintenance rules, you can keep your tractor working for longer and more effectively.

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