How to Save Money on a Used Tractor

5/16/2017 8:49:43 AM by Carissa Shaul

If you’re in the market for a used tractor, check out these tips to get a good deal:

  1. Search for a wide array of sellers. Aim to buy from a seller who doesn’t like your favorite brand. If you are partial to Ford tractors, you can often buy them at great prices from a seller who loves John Deere (and nothing else). When he takes in a Ford on trade, he doesn’t pay much money for it and is eager to see it gone. This is great news for you! You get a great deal every time, don’t bother trying to convince him that Ford tractors have their strong points.
  2. Get a package deal. If you can’t come to an agreement on the price, try asking about an add-on. Sellers might be able to throw in something else (like a blade or plow) that would make the package a good deal. You might be able to negotiate package deal for a used tractor plus needed tune-up or overhaul work. If you are using this as a negotiating tactic, be sure that whatever you accept is something that actually adds value to the machine. Don’t fall for gimmicks.
  3. Buy in the off-season. The worst time to buy a tractor is when you are desperate for one. Instead of waiting for your old tractor to give out in the middle of spring planting, do your shopping in winter. Dealers are slow that time of year and might be ready to give you a good deal. You can take your time to shop around, too.

How about you – what are your best tips for getting a good price on a used tractor? Share in the comments.