Rural schools celebrate tractor driving

6/9/2015 10:21:45 AM by

The end of the school year is a perfect time to indulge in some fun local traditions, an in many rural locales, that means an unusual sort of vehicle can be found in the high school parking lot: a tractor.

It's all part of a tradition known as "Bring Your Tractor to School Day," one that exists in areas where the vehicles are often used for farm work. Dave McMahon, the principal of Crestwood High School in Mantua Ohio, explains that students look forward to it all year, and that it's been a tradition at his institution for many years.

It's more than just fun, however. Rebel Smith, an Agriscience teacher at Fremont High School, explains that his Michigan institution's decision to partake is a deeper celebration of one of the most important parts of our society.

"For the [agriculture students] it's a celebration of what we do and what we're about," Smith told the local Fox affiliate. "You see a lot of trust from the people who let them borrow the tractors. It's not a day to learn how to drive a tractors -- It's a day to show off what you know."

At Fremont's celebration, there was well over $1 million in parts and vehicles in the student parking lot: an impressive figure that underscores both how vital this equipment is and why students would be interesting in doing a little bit of flaunting.

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