Grand opening of John Deere Museum - June 13, 2015

6/11/2015 8:50:31 AM by

Saturday, June 13, is a day that should be circled on the calendar of any John Deere fan, especially those in the Midwest. That's the date of the official grand opening of the John Deere Tractor and Engine Museum, located in Waterloo, Iowa.

While the museum itself has been open to the public for a few months now there will be a ribbon-cutting, an outdoor display and doubtlessly throngs of interested guests. All scheduled events outside of the museum itself will be completely free of charge, and visitors who wear a promotional button will get a $2 rebate on their ticket price to the indoor attractions. For more information, or to get one of the buttons, visit the My Waterloo Days website.

Rosa Grant, a Chicago native and the curator of the museum, couldn't help but speak glowingly of her institution's message. She explained to the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel just how much visitors come to understand while going through the exhibits.

"They come in expecting to learn about tractors and engines — which they do — but we tell it from the perspective of work, how everyone has to do it to live and survive," explains Grant. "Only within the past couple of hundred years have we started to use machines to help us with our work."

That work is critical for every segment of the country, and there's a reason why John Deere is so celebrated in the farming industry. Time and time again, their machines prove to be invaluable additions to any operation. If you're looking for parts to make sure that your own tractor -- and your farm -- stays running smoothly, visit our online hub.

 Nothing runs like a Deere.