Crawler carriers offer more mobility and versatility than traditional construction machinery

6/12/2015 9:47:38 AM by

The crawler carrier (or crawler dumpster) is perfect for those hard-to-reach job sites and can even master difficult terrain, such as mud or steep slopes. From a small lot to a squeezed-in highway shoulder construction site, having this carrier is a huge benefit to your team. Aside from their deep dump beds, these machines are customizable and have several attachments capable of enhancing its value. Equipment World has dubbed them "miniature powerhouses" for this very reason.

The Morooka MST 3000VD in particular is easy to use and so surprisingly intuitive that it impressed even seasoned operators. Those new to the world of construction and veterans alike can rest easy knowing that this model will quickly become a prized asset. It also has a lot of flexibility in its potential adaptations (possible to equip within a few minutes) which makes it extremely versatile. Like the MST 3000VD, the RT9 by Terramac and its attachments is also able to be utilized for multiple functions, from dust suppression to pipe heating. It has a larger carrying capacity than the MST 3000VD and also comes with additional safety features.

Mainly used for material transportation, the carriers are exceptionally impressive for their small ground impact. Even an average human being has more pounds-per-square-inch impact than this machine because of its rubber caterpillar tracks. This is especially good for sites that have sensitive grounds — they are not likely to cause any damage and most times it is not even apparent that they were ever present.

All things considered, this is a perfect addition to any farm or construction site. It has the ability to move about without disturbing the land and/or animals, can carry a large amount of weight and has several attachments available to make it an all-in-one must-have.

Crawler carriers surpass their larger siblings with better mobility and enhancement options.