2 new introductions by Komatsu

6/18/2015 9:08:08 AM by

Komatsu has been pretty busy this year – announcing two new pieces of machinery is no small feat. Just a few weeks ago, it brought its new designs, the PC210LL-10 log loader and the PC210LC-11 hydraulic excavator into the spotlight.

The log loader is freshly presented, bearing a new engine and cab. It was created to replace the PC200LL-8, which harbored a Tier 3 engine, with its new and powerful Tier 4 Interim commanding approximately 158 HP. It also decreases fuel consumption from its predecessor by 10 percent. Its turbocharger and exhaust gas recirculation are both activated by hydraulics, which grants better temperature and air conditioning control. One of its key features is its variable speed-match that regulates engine speed to adapt to the hydraulic output as well as the new adjustable controls for arm, heel and grapple functions that are needed for tuning the hydraulic response to meet the operator's preferences.

Like the log loader, the PC210LC-11's primary update is its engine, but the difference is that it provides 165 HP compared to the loader's 158. It has a 7 percent increase in HP and consumes 6 percent less fuel than the excavator before it. Its new viscous fan clutch enhances the cooling system's effectiveness and diminishes noise levels. It comes with a new LCD monitor, which allows for a split-screen display that shows a rear camera next to the gauge data. It even has a standard pattern change valve to easily alternate joystick patterns to adapt to operator predilections.

Komatsu CARE is active for both machines for the first three years or 2,000 hours of usage. This includes:

  • Scheduled factory maintenance
  • 50-point inspections
  • Two DPF exchanges
  • Two DEF tank flushes

New machinery from Komatsu will enhance the construction worker's experience.