John Deere and King Agro collaborate for carbon fiber technology

6/24/2015 8:33:29 AM by

John Deere and King Agro have reached an agreement and will form a partnership to develop and distribute carbon fiber booms for Deere application equipment.

King Agro is a world-renowned leader in the production of carbon fiber applications for marine products. It currently has 22 years of experience as an industry leader in the innovation and development of such applications, and will now expand into development of carbon fiber structures for agricultural equipment.

The deal between the two companies is focused on offering farmers and growers the benefits that come with the versatility and durability of carbon fiber products. They will specifically outfit self-propelled spraying equipment because, compared to conventional sprayer booms, ones made of carbon fiber are significantly lighter and therefore lower soil compaction, as well as improve efficiency.

The Vice President of John Deere's Crop Care Platform, Aaron Wetzel said, "We believe our collaboration with King Agro demonstrates Deere's commitment to this innovative technology. By integrating carbon fiber technology into our products, we can offer solutions to help growers improve productivity."

CEO Guillermo Mariani of King Agro stated that they "believe carbon fiber is the key to innovation and progress in agricultural machinery industry in the next decade. John Deere's commitment to innovation and excellence in their products is a perfect match for King Agro's experience in carbon fiber."

John Deere is set to offer its 2016 upgraded model of the 4730 Sprayer with the opportunity to select carbon fiber booms, but only in the South American and Latin American market for now. They are exploring the possibility of distributing carbon fiber solutions in other markets such as the U.S. in the very near future, but the new product will launch elsewhere.

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It's safe to predict that most sprayers will contain carbon fiber in the near future.