Small Farm Tractor Buyer’s Guide - Full Size Tractors

7/3/2018 4:35:20 PM by Carissa Shaul

Full Size Tractors

Back in the day, a tractor was a tractor, but today there is a wide array of options available, and that can be overwhelming. Follow along in this blog series as we clarify a few things about today’s modern lineup, and help you decide what class of tractor will suit you best.

Classy Tractors

Tractor manufacturers now offer many sizes of tractors, typically grouped by “class.” These classes are designed with a target customer in mind so ability, power, options, and price points vary accordingly. Generally speaking, all tractor manufacturers offer a sub-compact, compact, mid-size, and full-size class range. Not all dealerships offer all the classes, so understanding what class you’re shopping for will help when deciding where to shop.

Full Size

Have a large farm with large implements? If you do, you need a tractor from the git-er-done class of full-size tractors. These behemoths start around the 80hp mark and get about as big as you can imagine, plus some. If you need something in this category, be prepared to pay mucho dinero for the real deal. I’m sure you can buy some of these tractors without a cab, but that would be a special order since cabs, air-ride seats, air conditioning, heat, and the such come standard with this sort of tractor. Homesteaders and small farmers who won the lotto would love to own one, but unless you have lots of room to play, they are simply too big to do a lot of what we do. These are big pieces of machinery, and they won’t always fit where we want them to go.

A full-size tractor is above and beyond the needs of many of us, and the price points start around $60,000. The sky seems to be the limit on the larger models, many costing more than the average house.