Choosing the right sprayer nozzle: Part 2

7/20/2015 10:09:00 AM by

Sprayer nozzles are an important part of ensuring healthy yields. By using a nozzle that offers the right angle and spray pattern, you can evenly coat all your crops. The hard part is selecting which nozzle is right for your operation. Here is the continuation of our guide to John Deere nozzles to help guide your decision making.

Twin air

This is primarily used for low crops with complex canopies. It's designed to offer high-quality target spraying and is constructed with fans that face forward and rear. It even has integrated strainers that go with the nozzle size, which reduces plugging.

High flow

Featuring a flat, 140-degree spray pattern with low CV ratings, this tool is excellent for even distribution across wide spaces.


The 105- to 145-degree spray angle is ideally used for herbicides. It's wide opening generates unrefined droplets to protect against drip and blockage.

Straight stream ceramic

This is the best nozzle for applying liquid fertilizer to your crops due to its coarse droplets, which mitigate the risk of leaf burn.

Hollow cone ceramic

This nozzle provides fine droplets that spray out at an 80-degree pattern. It features a two-part design that includes a removable orifice for easy cleaning.

Chemical resistant

Made of polyvinylydene fluoride, this nozzle is best for use in chemical situations, such as handling acid-based defoliation products.

John Deere OC brass

Generating a flat spray at the boom end, the OC brass design extends reach and therefore improves coverage while protecting your equipment. However, this model is constructed for moderate usage.

Fence row

This model consists of an off-center spray pattern that can be targeted toward areas conventional nozzles cannot reach. This tool is intended for orchards, pastures, vineyards and more.

If you feel that you've found the right nozzle for your needs here, head over to our online hub so you can connect with a seller who has what you need for a reasonable price.