Hitachi improves efficiency issues with its ZX470LC-6 excavator

8/6/2015 8:50:00 AM by

Hitachi recently added upgrades to its Dash-6 excavator line by working to enhance the machine's productivity and equipping the ZX470LC-6 with a Tier 4 Final engine. Hitachi stated that it kept consumers' time and budget in mind when redesigning the ZX470LC-6, thus several of the improvements address efficiency issues.

The 110,804-pound ZX470LC-6 has a heavier operating weight than its predecessor. In addition, its enhanced boom recirculation generates more aggressive boom and arm speed when combined with the hydraulic boost system. The pressurized fuel system advances fuel injector operation and the fuel recirculation system diminishes gelling in cold climates.

The ZX470LC-6 is powered by an Isuzu engine that uses cooled exhaust gas recirculation. It also has a diesel oxidation catalyst and selective gas reduction as well as diesel exhaust fluid, which is injected into the exhaust stream. The nitrous oxide is converted into water vapor and nitrogen gas after filtering through the catalyst.

The excavator's enhanced piston design allows for particulate matter to be burned in-cylinder, which eliminates the need for a diesel particulate filters (DPF). On top of updating the engine, Hitachi added new features including more handrails, redesigned fuel filter canisters and a coolant expansion tank. The new handrails are particularly appreciated because they offer easier access to the engine, a battery disconnect switch and also provide grouped service points to simplify the operator's daily routine.

The engine and hydraulic oil service intervals of 500 and 1,000 hours, swing-out access coolers that are easier to clean and convenient fluid sample ports mitigate downtime for the purpose of maintenance.

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Additional handlerails make this machine easier and safer.