Buying Tractor Parts - Types of Tractors

8/9/2017 10:20:34 AM by Carissa Shaul

Shoppers should first determine which tractor type, such as utility, loader, or garden, among others, that best describes the tractor they currently own. The following section gives a description of many common tractor types.

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Compact Utility Tractor

Small tractors used for work in an agricultural setting primarily for landscaping and land management duties as opposed to planting and harvesting on a commercial level

Backhoe Loader

Tractors designed for use in a construction environment; used primarily for light transportation, digging, powering onsite machinery, and other applications

Garden Tractor

The workhorse in any agricultural environment, garden tractors come with strong axles, sturdy frames, and a robust transmission built for performing farming duties at a consistent and durable pace

Utility Tractor

Can handle both farming and landscaping with a more powerful engine than the typical compact utility tractor; useful in such tasks as hauling hay

The most important step when purchasing tractor parts involves making sure that shoppers know the exact tractor type that they own. Without this first crucial step, any parts bought might not fit the tractor owned.

In addition, when contacting a parts dealer or searching for parts you should have the Year, Make, Model, and Serial Number of the machine.