Safe baler maintenance tips

8/11/2015 9:02:49 PM by

Now that most growers have completed their first crop cutting of the season, it is a perfect time to perform preventative maintenance measures on your baler to enhance farm profits and protect operators. Implementing these precautionary tasks on balers works to help mitigate any potential damage or breakdown in the future that could create a detrimental delay.

Here are some things you need to keep in mind when performing maintenance on your hay equipment:

  • Replace all broken or worn parts — if your baler specifically has broken or missing pick-up tines, loose belts or chains or any other damaged components, it is unable to properly feed material into its chamber.
  • Fix all bent or loose blades on rotary cutters.
  • Be sure that there is adequate clearance between crimping rollers on mower conditioners.
  • Regularly lubricate sprockets and chains while the machine is turned off.
  • Ensure the power take-off is disengaged and the engine is shut down before dismounting the machine to adjust or service the equipment.
  • If you have a mower or square baler, wait until all parts of the machine have stopped moving before servicing.
  • Lock and obstruct access to the rear gate if you need to go under it.
  • Always keep a fully charged Class ABC fire extinguisher on all tractors.
  • Confirm that all shields and safety guards are in place and replace them right after completing maintenance.

It is important to pay attention to potential hazards when dealing with hay crops as they are usually grown on rough or steep terrain that is incompatible with row crops. Balers need to be properly matched to the crop — cornstalks and silage can be harder on balers than grass and only balers that are specifically designed to handle the job should be used. A generic baler will not be as effective and the job will likely damage its components.

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Make sure your baler can handle the job