Hyundai reveals newest excavator series

8/20/2015 9:19:49 AM by

Hyundai has recently revealed its latest series of excavators and the company says the goal of the new machines is making high-end features a standard expectation. Replacing the Hyundai 9A Series excavators are the HX220L, HX260L, HX300L, HX330L, HX380L, HX480L and HX520L.

The models up to the 380 are powered by Cummins engines while the two largest machines, the 480 and 520, utilize the power of Scania engines. Each engine meets Tier 4 Final standards through a combination of selective catalytic reduction and diesel oxidation catalyst systems, both using diesel exhaust fluid. Because of the new engines and improved hydraulics, Hyundai says the HX Series machines are 10 percent more fuel efficient than the 9A series.

But the most notable aspect of these new HX Series machines is assuredly Hyundai's focus on improving ease of operation. The cab design for these new machines offers a 13 percent enhancement in leg room along with reduced sound levels and a more efficient, yet powerful climate-control system.

The HX Series haptic controller allows easy navigation of the 8-inch monitor and provides feedback through vibrations and pulses. Inspired by the touchscreen entertainment setups harbored by most luxury automobiles, Hyundai has included a new 8-inch touchscreen cluster monitor in the cab. Along with the new monitor is a haptic control. Located near the right armrest, it allows the operator to navigate the monitor's menus and provides tactile feedback through vibrations and pulses.

The new cab design also allows operators to access a 360-degree virtual operating view, which displays on the monitor. Four cameras on the machine generate this image, which also integrates a moving object detection system that alerts the operator when anything comes within 16.5 feet of the machine.

The new HX excavators come packed with high-end features that are standard, not options. Check out their improved control and other additional features here.

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Hyundai has embarked on a mission to provide luxury features to the construction industry.