Buying Tractor Parts - Transmission Types

8/25/2017 2:15:05 PM by Carissa Shaul

Shoppers should know what type of transmission sits within any tractor that they own before they shop, as each of the different transmission available performs certain tasks better than others. Knowing this information allows shoppers to buy the parts that best suit their needs. The following table details the different transmission types commonly found on tractors.

Transmission Type


Standard Transmission

Costs less than other transmission types; sometimes the most reliable transmissions; not suited for front loaders

Hydro-static Transmission

A popular transmission type that does not require the shifting that a standard transmission does; faster to use, costs more, and commonly found in compact tractors up to 50 horsepower

Hydraulic Shuttle Transmission

Generally found on larger tractors, though it is possible to install on more compact models; a lever under the steering allows for shifting from forward to reverse without the use of a clutch; most expensive

As demonstrated in the table above, certain transmissions perform certain tasks better. For instance, using a front loader on a standard transmission equipped tractor often leads to a slower operation compared to using front-end loaders on tractors equipped with hydro-static transmissions, which are known primarily for their speed.

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