Buying Tractor Parts - Hitches

9/6/2017 10:09:19 AM by Carissa Shaul

The versatility of a tractor makes it a desirable work vehicle. The tractor hitch is where the equipment hooks up to the tractor and provides power for any attachments. This gives tractors the ability to perform a wide variety of tasks, both on the farm and at the job site. The table below details some of the more prominent tractor hitch types.

Tractor Features



The predominant hitch type in early tractors, the first drawbars were simply a steel bar attached to the tractor; drawbars still see widespread use depending on how the tractor is used

Fixed Mount

A fixed mount fits equipment specifically made for a certain tractor model; this type of hitch has the drawback of being time-consuming to install

Three-Point Hitch

Allows for equipment to be raised and lowered hydraulically through the use of a control lever; allows for easy attachment and detachment of implements

Quick Hitch

Two-point quick hitches allow for even faster attachment and detachment of devices; these hitch types are available for both rear and front loaders

Shoppers should only buy farm implements that fit the particular hitch type installed on their tractor. Otherwise, the implement will not work properly when attempting to attach it to the tractor.