4 tractor maintenance tips

9/8/2015 8:18:09 AM by

Have you noticed your tractor isn't running how it used to? Or, maybe you want to prevent it from running poorly. Here are four tips to ensure your tractor always runs at its peak:

  • Tune up. At least once per season, run a complete tune up of the tractor, including the carburetor, distributor and generator.
  • Oil change. Make sure your tractor's oil is changed regularly based on the manufacturer's specifications. Dirty oil and other greases account for 85 percent of premature wear and shortened tractor life, as the used oil becomes a grinding compound rather than a lubricant. Also, make sure the tractor and engine are free of any surface grease.
  • Air filter. Running a tractor all day in dusty conditions can be hard on the air filter. Make sure to clean it out daily to ensure peak performance. Also, check the connection between the filter and the carburetor regularly.
  • Engine heat. If you notice the tractor running hotter than normal, cease using it immediately. Then check the cooling system and fan belt system to ensure they are functional. To guarantee proper airflow, clean out the air passages through the radiator core as well.

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Four tips to keep your tractor going.