Tractor Farming Implements

9/16/2017 7:29:42 PM by Carissa Shaul

There are a variety of implements available to use while doing specific tasks with a tractor. The table below contains common implements used in an agricultural environment, as well as some examples of each.


Implement Types


Soil Cultivation

Includes cultivators, plows, mulch tillers, stone pickers, rollers, harrows, and other farming implements


This category is made up of broadcast seeders, fertilizer spreaders, planters seed drills, and transplanters, among other equipment

Fertilizing/Pest Control

These items include manure spreaders, terragators, sprayers, slurry agitators, and other implements

Produce Sorter

Comprised of equipment that sorts produce by weight, color, blemishes, diameter, shape, density, and taste


This category includes various types of harvesters for items such as corn, cotton, and potatoes, among other produce; this is in addition to rakes, combine harvesters, conveyor belts, and more


Implements involved in the hay-making process, such as balers, bale movers, bale wrappers, conditioners, hay rakes, mowers, and other equipment tied closely to baling hay.


Backhoes and backhoe loaders, front-end loaders, and skid-steer loaders are included in this important category of farm implements

When purchasing implements, shoppers need to determine exactly what they need before settling on a product type and model. Also when purchasing, shoppers need to buy those implements that match up with the tractors that they already utilize.