4 items to add to you tractor fuel saving checklist

10/6/2015 9:06:10 AM by

Fuel costs are one of the most expensive aspects of farming. Here are four tips to help make your tractors more fuel efficient, saving you money in the process:

  • Higher gear. Operating a tractor at higher gears and lower throttle settings is one of the most effective ways to conserve fuel, as well as reduce the amount of wear on engine components. Sometimes, the job may require you to switch to a lower gear, but keep it in high whenever possible.
  • Match tractor and job. The bigger the tractor is, the more fuel it consumes, so you want to avoid driving them when possible. If there's a smaller tractor available for smaller acreage or light loads, then use it.
  • Plan ahead. With a little planning, you can greatly reduce the amount of energy your tractor consumes. Plan out your work day so you stay out in the field longer and make fewer trips back to the service area. To that effect, make sure you top off your fuel in the morning so you don't have to consistently drive back to the shop to fuel up.
  • Tires. Just like with other vehicles, tires can have a big impact on a tractor's fuel efficiency. Inflate tires to the level recommended by the manufacturer. Tires with excessive wear and tear will also increase your fuel consumption, so replace them whenever possible.
  • Maintenance. Your tractor should receive regular maintenance. Not only will this increase fuel efficiency, but it will increase your tractor's longevity.

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Here are four tips to help you save on your tractor fuel expenses.