Blog About Your Farm - Blog Goals

10/12/2017 10:02:38 AM by Carissa Shaul

Know Your Blog Goals

Decide what purpose your blog should serve: personal or business.

This ranks an important first step, because while there can readily be crossover between these two categories, blogs are intended for public viewing and should be created with that goal in mind. Who is your audience?

Tell a Story and Keep in Touch

As a personal goal, blogs can be the perfect venue to capture your story of starting a farm.

When Yvonne Brunot moved with her husband from the Baltimore area to their farm in rural Vermont, she started a blog to keep in touch with friends.

“From the start,” says Brunot, “our friends and family were supportive of our new venture and always curious about how things were going.

“With all the work involved with moving to the farm, we didn’t have time to keep in touch with everyone on an individual basis, and a blog enabled us to get quick updates out to everyone.”

Market Your Farm Business

Identify your specific marketing goals when starting a business farm blog; realize a blog may serve multiple needs.

One important goal may be keeping in touch with and communicating key information to your existing customers.

Kriss Marion of Circle M Farm in Wisconsin uses her well-established blog to keep in touch with her fiber, meat and CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) customers.

“People love reading about my day-to-day farm life, increasing their connection to our farm by understanding the source of their food,” says Marion. “My blog puts a face to my business.”

Marion posts updates to her CSA members on her blog, identifying the produce in their weekly delivery box and offering recipe suggestions. CSA members can also post comments and questions directly to the blog.

An additional business goal may be marketing to potential new customers.

“Remember, everything you post to your blog can be read by a potential new customer, so you want to make sure your content reflects the message and image you want to portray about your farm,” advises Marion.

A third marketing goal may be educational outreach.

Do your current customers–or potential customers–need information to use or appreciate your product or service?

For example, potential customers might be interested in buying your grass-fed, pasture-raised beef because they heard it’s healthier, but they may need information on why this approach has less environmental impact and requires different cooking methods than conventionally raised beef.

Blogging Benefits

A practical consequence of both personal and business blogs is that you end up with a detailed account of your farm venture.

This helps from an organizational perspective: You can look back to archived links and reread a posting from last spring to identify when you planted the potatoes or when that batch of chicks hatched. Blogs can be much easier to access and read than hand-scribbled farm notes.

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