West Coast Alameda Fire

10/29/2020 7:10:34 AM by Debbie Hiller

The wildfires on the West Coast have affected one of our Allied Member employees.  Dan and Kathleen Kornstad from C652 Central Equipment lost their home of 35 years on September 8, 2020 due to the Almeda fire in Southern Oregon. 

In the short time before evacuating they were able to save a few items from their home, vehicles, and their RV.  Everything else has been destroyed.  Dan’s brother has set up a GoFundMe account at 

Dan & Kathleen and family are very thankful and blessed they are safe and not harmed physically.  They want to send out their appreciation for all the generosity, prayers, and well wishes.  They are in awe and humbled by the support.  The Go Fund Me dollars will be used to purchase things like towels, sheets, dishes, furniture, bed, etc.   Best Wishes Kornstad Family!