Investing in Used Construction Equipment - Pt 3

11/10/2017 8:49:33 AM by Carissa Shaul

Marketing to ag

In difficult times, manufacturers who typically market to a specific industry like construction are forced to broaden their market to capture a wider audience, which includes agriculture.

“One thing we've seen in the construction industry is it has tailored certain machines to fit the farming industry,” Hendrix says.

An example is Case Construction's recent introduction of an option for their F Series Wheel Loaders. The Commodity King package for the 721F model is geared toward livestock and dairy producers and includes features like special cooler enhancements to protect against large particle contaminants, which are common in these environments.

“Wheel loaders are popular in feedlots and other ag applications because of their unique mid-mount cooling module and reverse fan capability, which allows them to perform well even in very dusty environments,” says Curtis Goettel, marketing manager for Case Construction Equipment.

Hendrix says not all manufacturers have caught onto the concept of marketing to agriculture.

Yet, as farmers continue to cover more acres farther from home, construction equipment will continue to claim its place in the shed to help move, lift, and transport materials.

That's because farm buyers know that crossing over into a different machinery market can yield benefits far beyond the initial investment.

For the best of both worlds, farmers and construction tractor users alike can search, buy, and sell used parts from both farm and construction machinery at