Useful tips for tractor storage

11/20/2015 10:13:21 AM by

Ensure that your tractor works at peak performance after removing it from storage.

If you need to store your tractor for a short length of time, you should take a few precautionary measures to help preserve its various parts to avoid future deficiency and repairs.

  • Make sure to store it underneath a cover. If possible, cover the air stack and exhaust pipe.
  • Drain the radiator and engine block.
  • Drain fuel tanks and carburetor to avert gum content collections.
  • Leave these caps slightly loose to protect the gaskets.
  • Put the tractor on blocks to remove weight from the tires and keep them away from wet grounds.
  • Remove the battery and store it somewhere safe and dry.
  • Remove spark plugs and put a small amount of light motor oil on piston tops. Crank the engine a bit and replace the plugs.
  • When taking it out of storage, service everything, especially changing the oil.

If you're storing your machine for 90 days or more, follow these steps to ensure that it returns to peak performance upon returning to work as well as to minimize corrosion and deterioration. Always consult the manual for information specific to your tractor before looking at outside tips.

  • Lower the hitch if its got one.
  • Replace engine oil filter.
  • Service the air cleaner.
  • Don't use Biodiesel fuel when storing for an extended period of time because it deteriorates at a higher rate than conventional fuel.
  • Seal air inlets, exhaust, fuel cap, radiator overflow hose, transmission and hydraulic system fill caps. You can use plastic bags and duct tape for this.
  • Remove fan and alternator belts.
  • Coat exposed metal surfaces with a corrosion inhibitor or light grease.
  • Cover wheels with waterproof tarpaulin.
  • Avoid storing tractor and battery at temperatures exceeding 85° F. Always store inside if possible.

If you return to your machine and find that it isn't operating correctly, turn to our online database to be connected with sellers who have the replacement parts you need at a good price.