Winter Vacation

11/25/2015 8:50:27 AM by Christie Collins

β€œIn seed time learn, in harvest teach, in winter enjoy.” – William Blake

As we are well into the fall season and winter looming just around the corner, the age old question that all inquiring minds want to know.....what do farmers do in the winter?

This is the time they pack up and head for a warm beach right? Well maybe, but probably not. It depends on whether the farm is strictly grains or if it's a mix of grains and livestock. Obviously livestock needs to be cared for year round but what about grain farmers. It's possible that grain farmers could take a few months off and kick back and enjoy the good life of "doing nothing". The more likely scenario is that they take this time to repair, clean up and catch up on any unfinished business from the year.

No vacation from the paperwork that needs to be finished and the budgeting for the next season. A small "vacation" may come in the form of a trip to a trade show or meeting in another city or state. You never know, it could be fun. Right? At the very least you'll learn at least one thing you didn't know before the trip.

Sure, work can slow down for farms during the winter but there is still plenty to do and work to get caught up. There may be time for a vacation but it will most likely be just as long as anyone else's vacation and not an entire winter season. So it's up to you what you want to say to the next person that asks, "What do farmers do in the winter?" But we all know it's not all sunbathing and road trips.