Not too big and not too small: Choosing the right sized excavator

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When looking for the right excavator to meet your needs, it might help to think like Goldilocks, looking for one that's not to big and not too small. A recent article in Equipment World explores the possibility that the three- to four-ton excavator is the "just right" size to accomplish a wide array of tasks, squeezing into small spaces while still able to lift a significant amount of weight.

Compact excavators seem to be enjoying a bit of a hey day, with a growing number of contractors relying on one of these machines, together with a skid steer loader, instead of a backhoe loader. In fact, David Caldwell, of Komatsu America, tells that the compact excavator is often now one of a new contractor's first big buys. Caterpillar's Jennifer Hooper says many folks are also using them instead of hand tools, for jobs like drilling post holes.

"An excavator with a hydraulic hammer replaces an operator with a jackhammer," Hooper tells the source. "And the compact size of these machines allows them to get into back yards and congested locations to perform tasks in a couple of hours that once required several days of hand shoveling."

While many contractors like the three- to four-ton excavators, it's important to remember that one size does not fit all. Ask yourself how important the following factors are in your line of work, and go from there:

  • Accuracy
  • Dig depth
  • Precision
  • Reach
  • Volume

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Think about your needs as a contractor before deciding on a compactor size.