Baby Its Cold Outside!

12/14/2015 9:08:11 AM by Christie Collins

It’s a little tough to write this blog since it’s not very cold where I am located, yet. With that said, winter is sneaking up on us and will surely have hit most parts of the U.S. by mid-January.

Here are some tips to keep your equipment not just running its best, but running period!

  • First and foremost, if at all possible, store your equipment indoors. A heated shed or barn would be nice. If that is not an option park and store it somewhere it will be protected from wind, snow, etc.
  • When you get ready to start your machine make sure you give it enough time to warm up and run for a few minutes. I’m sure there are lots of other things you can accomplish while waiting for your machine to warm up. Like deciding to put on that extra layer of clothing that you second guessed.
  • Make sure you keep the battery fully charged. It would also be best if you could keep the battery warm but if you’re not able due to the lack of warm storage make sure you remove the battery if you won’t be using your equipment for long periods of time. Cold batteries lose their charge quicker. This could save you some time and money of having to replace what was otherwise a perfectly good battery if it had been kept warm.
  • Check the tire pressure weekly. You’ll want to either check the tires at the end of the day or at the first of the day after the tires have adjusted to the temperature you’ll be working in. Low pressure tires will cause you to use more fuel and is hard on the tires.
  • At the end of the day once you’ve finished using the equipment, top off the fuel tank, especially when you know temperatures are going to drop considerably during the night. As long as the tank is full this will cut down on the condensation that may appear in the tank.
  • Winterize your fuel system by adding a diesel fuel additive. I’m sure if you ask around you’ll find someone that has had to deal with the gelling issue. Although there are worst things that can happen you certainly don’t want to be dealing with this outside in the cold.

I could list pages of tips for winterizing your equipment. These are obviously just a few and by no means the only ones you should be concerned with. If you have any helpful tips of your own, please feel free to share them by commenting about this blog on our Facebook or Twitter pages.