7 tips for winterizing your tractor

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Winter is here and that means it's almost time for some of us to put our tractors up for the winter. If you don't use your machine during the coldest months of the year, be sure to properly winterize it before putting it to bed for the season.

  • Air and fuel filters: Replace the air and fuel filters.
  • Battery: Take out the battery and store in a warm place. Cold will damage its life expectancy, particularly if it is not fully charged. For safety reasons, remember that you should not keep the battery in the house or near open flames.
  • Blocks: If you won't be using the tractor until next year, place the entire machine up on safe, sturdy and secure blocks. This relieves pressure from the tires, extending their life.
  • Cooling system: Drain the cooling system or put in antifreeze. You should always plan for temperatures at least 30 degrees colder than the lowest temperature your area sees during the winter.
  • Gas tank: Run out the gasoline from the tank and carburetor to avoid clogging from stale gas. Alternatively, you can top off the fuel and add a conditioner like Sta-Bil.
  • Oil: Change the oil.
  • Spark plugs: Take out the spark plugs and lubricate each cylinder with some oil. Replace the spark plugs.

Check the manual for your particular machine to see if there are any specific steps the manufacturer recommends when winterizing. You can easily find and purchase manuals, along with any replacement tractor parts that you need, at our easy-to-use online hub. The digital database instantly searches millions of listings to connect you with reputable sellers who have the exact item that you are looking for, saving you valuable time and money.  

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If you store your tractor during the cold months, follow these winterizing tips.