'Built for it': Caterpillar online videos go viral

12/16/2014 8:42:09 AM by

If you're a Cat fan, you won't want to miss this: A series of online videos highlighting the awe-inspiring capabilities of Caterpillar machines have gone viral on YouTube, garnering more than 4.4 million views.

One video shows five Cat machines, including excavators and telehandlers, playing a large-scale version of the board game Jenga. The operators were tasked with removing and repositioning 27 massive blocks, one at a time, without knocking over the whole stack. So far, this video alone has been watched more than 2.5 million times.

The next entry features the company's new Cat B15 Smartphones, demonstrating that it's tough enough to survive on a construction jobsite. First, a Cat MH3049 Material Handler drops the phone into water from a height of 35 feet. Next, a Cat 277D Multi Terrain Loader runs over 600 of the devices. All of the phones come out unscathed.

In the episode "Cat® Mini Excavator Proves It's Not a 'Bull in a China Shop,'" senior demonstrator instructor Ryan Neal drives a Cat 301.7 CR Mini Excavator through a cramped store space filled with $40,000 worth of glass and china. He doesn't break a single item, and even finishes a pyramid of wine glasses by stacking the final one at the top. In a recent interview with Equipment World, Neal said the excavator had a half an inch to spare on either side as he maneuvered it through the shop.

In the most recent entry, Caterpillar actually broke a world record, building the tallest-ever sand castle with Cat hydraulic and mini excavators and a wheel loader. The structure took two weeks to build and came in at 41-feet and 3.67-inches. But they didn't stop there. After an official from the Guinness Book of World Records declared them the new record-holders by at least three-feet, the excavators knocked down the sand castle in dramatic fashion.

"Some people have a natural ability for running equipment just like some people have natural abilities to play basketball or football or to sing," Neal tells the source. "In an excavator it's an extension of your arm. You do have to have good depth perception and a feel for the machine ... It's just about being confident and knowing you can do the job … from picking up a wine glass to how many feet of pipe can I lay in a day."

Neal came by his driving skills honestly. Equipment World reports that he started working in the construction industry as a Illinois teenager. The first machine he operated on-the-job was a Cat 426 backhoe. When he interviewed for his job at Caterpillar, he was asked to give demo drives of a track loader, excavator, bulldozer, wheel loader and motor grader. He says he believes that one of the keys to success is being receptive to new ideas.

"Every time I go on a customer's site I learn something new. It's just about being open to change. There's always a way to do something different and maybe the way you've done it for a long time isn't always the quickest or most efficient way."

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Caterpillar's new video series, "Built for It," has gone viral. Photo courtesy Flickr user Kitmondo CONS.