How a tractor brought a family closer together

12/18/2015 9:21:43 AM by

An old tractor has helped bring an Iowan family closer together.


Dane Kruse, a freshman at Northwest Missouri State University, was searching earlier this year for a project to complete for his Future Farmers of America project, a requirement for his high school. Dane restored an old Massey Ferguson lawn mower the year prior and wanted to go to the next level: a tractor.

"I looked around and didn't see anything I wanted to buy," Dane told Iowa Farmer Today (IFT). As luck would have it, Dane found the perfect tractor at this grandparents' house: a 1967 Massey Ferguson 1100 that was in need of repair.

"I bought that old Massey in 1970, and I was pretty happy when Dane asked about it," Dane's grandfather, Harold Kruse, told IFT. "It's always been a working tractor, and while it worked, it didn't look very good. I thought it would be a good project for Dane."

After clearing it with this grandfather, Dane and his father, Jeff, who used to ride in the Massey as a child, got to work, rebuilding everything save the engine. While the work itself wasn't that difficult, finding parts for the old tractor was.

"AGCO owns Massey-Ferguson now, and they did not re-make any of the parts," Dane explained. After some searching, they got everything they needed. Three months later, the finished product earned a purple ribbon at the Iowa State Fair.

The real reward, however, was the ability of that old Massey to unite three generations of American farmers.

"That was the really nice part about it, watching Jeff and Dane work together on that old tractor," Melva Kruse told IFT about her son and grandson. "They'll always have that."

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