Tire Talk

12/21/2015 8:30:36 AM by Christie Collins

Picking tires for your equipment can be a pretty daunting task. Just when you think you’ve got it figured out, or you have a favorite tire, they discontinue the old one and introduce a “new and improved” tire. How about we just talk about the basic facts you need to know for tractor tires and we’ll tackle getting through the marketing of these products another time.

The basic type of tires are Farm tires (R1 agricultural), Turf tires (R3 turf) and Construction tires (R4).

The most common and typical for your tractor are the R1, or Ag tires. These tires are best for your field work. They do well in soft dirt, but also because of the deeper tread these tires are suited for the mud, rain and snow. These tires are going to be your best option for your everyday use.

Next is going to be R3, or turf tires. The tread on these tires are not deep at all. Turf tires are going to be the best to use on areas that you don’t want torn up by a deeper tread. If you plan on mowing than these are the tires you want. They cause the least amount of damage to fields and to grass. Coincidentally, these are the tires they typically use on golf courses. So if the soil is a little sandier these tires are more suitable, but they won’t do well in wet conditions. Depending on the work you’re doing these may be your preferred everyday tractor tire.

This leaves the R4 tire. This tire is the middle of the road option of the other two, yes, bad pun intended. It’s more suitable for driving on harder surfaces, so if you’re using them more on a construction site setting with gravel, concrete and asphalt these tires are going to be able to withstand the harder surfaces. With the type of surface these tires are designed for this also means they are not going to be so great when that surface is wet.

When looking for tires, use any resource you can find. Talk to others to see what their experiences have been, look online so you have an idea of which tires you might be interested in buying. It’s a costly investment so make sure you talk to people that aren’t just trying to sell you the latest and greatest.