Holiday Safety Tips

12/28/2015 10:29:42 AM by Christie Collins

Holiday Safety Tips

The week before any major holiday can be hectic. You may be on a tighter schedule due to having one less work day. You may be trying to get extra work done so you can take an extra day to celebrate with family and friends. Make sure that with all of the rushing and craziness of getting errands and work done that you take care of one really important thing, yourself. No one wants to be sick or injured during a time when you finally get to enjoy time with family.

Here are a few safety tips to keep in mind while you're rushing around these next few weeks in preparation for holiday family time.

* Make sure you’ve been trained correctly on any equipment you’ll be using. Sure it may be similar to something you've operated before, but you never know if there is something quirky about the machine or features that are missing or new that you may be unaware of.

* Always wear easy to see clothing and steel-toed boots. This is especially true when working around others. You want to be able to wear those new socks and boots that you got for Christmas.

* Always wear your seat belt in case of a rollover. It's an easy step to forget but you wouldn't forget to put your seat belt on when you get on the highway so make sure it's part of your start-up routine.

* Don't climb on or get off equipment while it's moving. This seems like it should be an obvious tip but how many people have you seen jump out before the equipment has fully stopped? We can't always be sure-footed so the last thing you want is tripping or falling from a machine that hasn't completely stopped.

* Climb on and off equipment the right way. Falls are the number one cause of injury. This really goes along with the last tip. Use the three-point contact method (both feet and one hand or one foot and both hands on the holds at all times) when climbing on or off equipment.

* Always do a quick check and inspection of the equipment before you get in. Make sure tires, tracks and other components of the machine aren't damaged or have something caught in them.

* Stay alert! It's easy to try to push yourself to get work done even if your feeling fatigued. Don't risk dozing off at the wheel. It's much easier to sit to rest or nap for a few minutes as opposed to the alternative of falling asleep at the controls.

Not only will you enjoy your holidays much more being healthy your family will appreciate it too.